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Lousy Carter (David Krumholtz) is dying and Bob Byington’s film invites us to ask, who cares? On paper, he’s an unlikeable American literature professor, a narcissist with few friends who halfheartedly pursues a relationship with a student.
The last two seconds of SAINT MAUD prove Rose Glass is a visceral filmmaker and that’s on full aural and visual display in LOVE LIES BLEEDING: we hear the sounds of muscles stretching and throats constricting; we see jawbones breaking and blood spatter squelching.
Rub your tummy or I’ll think you’re an asshole. UNCUT GEMS in Glasgow: a tense, strange, and frequently hilarious psychological drama that gradually turns a ridiculous situation into the cosmic metaphysical horror of painful and anxious rebirth.
30 December 2023
I always find myself using the word ‘deftly’ when reviewing Christian Petzold’s films but that’s because there’s an effortlessness to the filmmaking that feels so completely natural.