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02 September 2023
In the depth of his drunken despair, Tank (Julian Mayfield) stands in front of a carnival mirror and gives a funhouse description of the Black revolution to some credulous rich white people.
01 September 2023
PHANTASM resonates with a specific Lynchian frequency while also operating with a Buñuelian sense of dream (nightmare) logic. It almost seems to anticipate elements of Lynch’s DUNE, BLUE VELVET, and Twin Peaks and shares Lynch’s preoccupation with the weirdness of the American suburbs.
Look, I’m not a stickler about spoilers and often think hysteria about spoilers is ridiculous but I feel I would have gotten more out of this if Amazon Prime Video’s description wasn’t a concise summary of the last five minutes of the film.
Continuing a series of films about deeply frustrating German men. Leon (Thomas Schubert) is always watching people from a distance and talking to them through windows accentuating the gulf he perceives between himself and other people.
CORNER OFFICE taps into a specific niche of absurdism directed at the banalities of everyday existence that I associate with Scandinavian directors like Roy Andersson and Thomas Vinterberg.