A 1970s BBC British horror that has fallen through time to be released in 2023. The Volunteer (Mary Woodvine) undertakes the same ritual each and every day and it gradually becomes clear that she’s not a botanist but something deeper—something older—and that the flower she’s protecting is something more. ENYS MEN shows an England where nothing changes to such an extent that time starts flowing backwards and overlapping with itself. Memories, people, places, and objects all merge into one as the relentlessness of conservatism flattens everything into the same person, the same flower, the same menhir.

Full review available on Cinetopia podcast: https://anchor.fm/cinetopia/episodes/January-2023-on-EHFM-Reviews-of-Tar--Enys-Men--Saint-Omer--EO-and-an-interview-with-Sean-Lonadh--director-of-Too-Rough-e1tj9h7