EO directed by Jerzy Skolimowski uses the language of cinema to push us to empathise with a non-human protagonist and therefore expand our sense of subjectivity to cover the perspective of its titular donkey. Without dialogue and with an incredible soundscape, EO follows a circus donkey as he encounters other animals and wanders through the ruins and conflicts of modern European history. Like Kossakovsky’s GUNDA and Arnold’s COW, EO pushes us to consider the exploitation of animals and the subjectivity of the others on this planet.

Full reviews available on TAKE ONE (https://takeonecinema.net/2023/eo/) and Cinetopia podcast (https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/cinetopia/episodes/January-2023-on-EHFM-Reviews-of-Tar--Enys-Men--Saint-Omer--EO-and-an-interview-with-Sean-Lonadh--director-of-Too-Rough-e1tj9h7)